Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lila ruins everything

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Tell that to any mother of a preschooler and she'll tell you that it actually destroys worlds.

Every mom wants to share the things she loves with her children.  For example, a favorite song or book or movie. 

I used to love Joan Jett.  I have seen her in concert a few times and always thought of "I Love Rock and Roll" as the summation of my childhood (I was a strange kid).

Lila also loves that song.  In fact, she loves it so much that when I played the CD one time while driving her to the sitter, she "rocked out" through the whole song, then merrily shouted, "AGAIN!"  By the third time, she was singing along to the chorus and "OOOOOW"-ing in that high-pitched voice of hers.  Luckily, it only took 3 times to get where we were going.

But it didn't stop there.  She needed it every time we got into the car.  Some time around the 218th time in a row I heard it (and nothing else) while driving, I told her that I forgot the disc in the house.  A full-on heartbreak ensued and she cried the entire trip to the grocery store and back.  And even though I could have simply put it on because I was obviously lying, I didn't want her to know I was lying and so instead I endured her tears and whining.

Needless to say, I cringe when I hear it now. 

She did the same to my favorite color, which used to be purple.  Lila LOVES purple.  And after painting her room purple, and getting her purple sheets, a purple rug, purple curtains, a purple bookcase and pretty much any toy that contains purple in it, she started to insist on wearing something purple every single day.  We have A LOT of purple socks and underwear and she would only wear one pair of shoes (can you guess what they look like) every day if I would let her.

She has done this with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which was my favorite Disney movie.  I hate it now.  This happened with Tom and Jerry cartoons.  It happened with a children's book I kept around BEFORE I EVER EVEN THOUGHT I MIGHT HAVE A KID, Ferdinand the Bull, which Lila wore out in a matter of days.  It happens with foods, with games (I was thrilled the FIRST time she wanted to play Candyland.  The 7,586th time?  Not so much.). 

Because preschoolers are nothing if not obsessive.

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  1. Well now I'm stumped because my child is completely normal.

  2. This is so true! Nothing like hearing a favorite song 4 bazillion times to ruin it.

  3. I'm actually the opposite. Before my daughter came along I HATED pink. As a baby I would buy ANYTHING for her if it wasn't pink. Her room was red and black and I tried to never dress her in pink. She was a miserable baby and when she could finally speak one of her first words was PINK. Now she refuses to wear anything but pink (including the undies), her room is pink. Our world is pink and now I actually own some pink and I'm beginning to like pink.

  4. Oh, we have the opposite too. I was pretty sure that after the Tinkerbell extravaganza that was Christmas, there would be nothing left but she's still fucking on Tinkerbell and that little sparkling bitch is working my last nerve!

  5. Oh the glamorous life of a mom. My daughter likes her friends car better because they have kid music in their car, and I vote that if their parents want to listen to The itsy bitsy spider on repeat that is there problem not mine.



  6. My toddler dressed up like a cat for an entire year. Ears, tail, everything - and she could sing the entire score of CATS. She loved to hear Brown Eyed Girl every time we got in the car. She ate strawberries like they were going out of style. And every night we read the same books in the same way and sang the same songs in the same order.
    Now she's 28 and live 3000 miles away. I smile when I see a little girl dressed up like anything. I buy strawberries and think of her when I eat them. Brown Eyed Girl is her ringtone on my phone. And I wish I could read and sing to her each night.

  7. KC: I swear I fear this day will come. But it's too terrifying to think about in the moment so it's easier to be annoyed!

  8. Wow! It seems like our kids might be the same. My daughter fell in love with a song by Headly of all bands! I used to love the song as well but now I can't stand it seeing as we have to sing it twenty times over!! Like your site!


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