Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 3 - A book that Surprised You

I was not sure what to make of this book when I found it in the bargain bin.  It appears to be a kids book with big pictures and humorous explanations of the head, but as I began to read it I realized that this is really a spoof of a kids book.  Meant for adults with a bizarre sense of humor.

Take for example the treatise on ears called "Who is the lunatic who designed your ears?".  It describes how ears were invented in 1911 and how the designer only had 2 days to design them so he was a little rushed.  But he was also working on a tree fort, and so the ear was created in a late-night session wherein he just created ANYTHING to get the ear finished.

Other topics include:

  • Political Affiliations Within the Body
  • The Great Swamp Mouth Hunt
  • Your Nose Hairs: the body's fallen angels
  • Reasons to Remove your Teeth and/or Tongue


  1. OMFFFFFG! Your Disgusting Head is hilarious! And Giraffes! Giraffes! was brilliant!

  2. My attention span is goldfish-like, and therefore, I cannot attend to actual "books" for reading (I do blogs and magazines and the like). This however, might actually be freaky enough to do the job. Yep. That's going on the wishlist..What a gem!


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