Sunday, May 15, 2011

30 Days of Books - Day 4

A Book That Reminds You Of Home

This would have been much easier if I was still living AWAY from home in Arizona.  But I am going to pick one and tell you why:

It isn't the theme of this book that makes me think of home.  Honestly, I don't remember much of the story.  It's the time when I was reading it.

I was an odd teenager.  I was suffering from serious depression and dropped out of high school half way through my senior year.  During that spring, I started this book.  I would spend hours sitting in my parent's backyard or in my room reading this.  I had a tough time concentrating and so I went and got the audio version hoping to listen AND read to absorb the story.  I didn't know about audiobooks being abridged though and so I had to tough it out with the book. 

Half way through, my parents split.  My mother had a boyfriend and so she moved out and my father was thrown into his own private hell, which I could do nothing about because I knew that there was no words to help.  I was stuck there and this book became my escape.

So that is my book that reminds me of home.  My parents' home.


  1. I have a list... email me at mollie dot a dot brue @ gmail dot com

  2. My parents split when I was 16. My mom had an affair and so she moved out also and I lived alone with my dad. Sister & brother went to live with her instead.

    So weird....

  3. JLK...I swear we're like emotional twins.


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