Saturday, May 21, 2011

# 10 - 30 Days of Books

Day 10 - The First Novel You Remember Reading

I know I read this and I know I loved it at the time but I will be damned if I can tell you anything about it.

I also know I read it in fourth grade because that was the year the Catholic school I went to since preschool closed and it was a pretty traumatic time. 

The fact that I read this in fourth grade just reinforced the feeling that I need to send my kid to private school because apparently this book is meant for kids in "early middle school" which I take to mean 6th or 7th grade.


  1. I'm from the Lady Blogger Tea Party!
    What a nice blog you have!!
    I love to read. And, I'm looking forward to more "30 Days of Books".

  2. Good Morning!
    Thank you for visiting my blog :) and I finally can say I found a mommy-blog that I actually really might like :D it's not all about proving the worls how perfect life is once you have kids - really love your cynicism!

  3. hahahaha..Thanks. I hate those moms and if anyone ever accuses me of being one, I will have to slap them.


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