Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 2- A Book You Hate

Day 2- A Book You Hate



And I know this is going to get me all kinds of hate reactions but screw you guys.  I hated it.

I was working at Borders when the phenomenon that is "Twilight" happened.  I was curious.  What the hell was so great about this book?  Why did people think this was so awesome?  This has only happened one other time to me and that was with the DaVinci Code and when I read that I totally "got" why a gazillion people LOVED that book.  It was cool and complicated.  A page turner with smarts. 

Twilight was a story about a girl and a vampire.

Yes.  That's it.  A girl who likes a sparkly dude who drinks blood.

I want to make it clear that I LIKE vampires.  I once DATED a guy called Johnny Vampire (true story).  I LOVED all of the Vampire Chronicles and think Lestat is one of the great vampires of all time. My hatred is not about the vampires.

The writing is mediocre at best.  The story is predictable.  And when the author came to one of the Borders stores to sign some books she was apparently a total cunt to everyone who worked there.

Twilight is a vampire story (and werewolf story too) for those who don't really like vampires.  It's a teenage romance novel, not a horror novel.  And I do LOVE me some good gory vampire horror.

So there.  I hate Twilight.  And I also hate that Pattinson guy and his doped up girlfriend.  :-)

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  1. I admit it. I've read the entire series. All of it. Except for the last book, where I got so bored and sick of the high school writing I stopped reading it. I always equate my reading of the Twilight books to devouring a Big Mac. Before you eat it, you know that it's bad for you and you shouldn't. While you're eating it, it's so bad it's good. But for some crazy ass reason, you can't stop eating it. After you're finished, you immediately feel full of regret and disgust that you consumed something so horrible and gross.

    That's exactly how I feel after reading the Twilight series. Bloated, gross, and also dumber for having wasted hours of my life on that horrible drivel.

  2. I totally stole the 'Dogshit' pic. I literally guffawed when I saw it. It's funny because it's true.

    Also, House of Leaves is one of my hubby's faves. I still haven't gotten around to reading it. With three crackheads running around, is it any wonder why?

  3. Twilight sucks. And I say this as someone who works in young adult/children's publishing.

    My aunt, who is a college professor of English, read Twilight and said "But they never have sex. What the hell is the point of that, reading it as an adult??"

    Do you watch True Blood? Because if you don't, you should. It's fucking awesome. Take everything that is wrong and sucky about Twilight, fix it, add some hot sex scenes, lots of foul language, twisted humor, Alan Ball, and you've got True Blood.


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