Monday, April 11, 2011

What the WHAT????

I don't have a lack of material or inspiration.  Every single day, my kid provides hours of humor and bullshit for me to throw a blog post around about.  But for some reason, I am not even slightly interested in talking about it.

I am bored with myself.  I am bored inside my own head.  I am bored with talking about my kid, my self, my life.  I am feeling like everything I put down is miserable and boring.  It's actually pretty hard to keep the bitching fun. 

I am on strike.

I am also hoping that once I give myself permission to not put up a new post if I don't feel like it that this "block" will go away.  Ehhhh...Shit.

However, there is always "Icanhascheezberger" to make me want to die:


  1. No kidding. How many effing poo stories can I tell? I feel you on this one. When I hit that wall, I write one of my stories that sounds vaguely suicidal and crazy and freak people out. Just to spice things up. Being a writing is fun that way.
    Go put your feet up, have a glass of something and come back when your feeling it. We'll still be here :)

  2. being a WRITER..yeah. Impressive.

  3. I took a strike last weekend and it did wonders!

  4. LOL.. I pimped out my kid's barfing in the Louvre story, that's how bad I am! Some days are just downers and we need to go on strike. It is often the breaks that really get the juices flowing :) May your down time be good time :)

  5. I liked the barfing story!


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