Saturday, July 30, 2011

It started last weekend...

Ok.  You know that whole "get in shape reasonably" thing I was going on about last week?  Yeah.  Um.  Well the week has been rough.

Here is my progress:

Weigh-in:  156 lbs. 

I gained a pound.  But in fairness, I have had three cups of coffee and that's a lot of liquid.

Well, I walked twice.  I also had dessert twice and ate after 9pm once (but it was just an apple so I think it shouldn't count).  Although I THOUGHT about my goals every time I poured a glass of water, I seriously am just not thirsty enough to drink that much liquid throughout the day. 

I am not giving up.  Today I will start again.  I am going to go grocery shopping and plan my meals this week (which I failed to do last week which led to fast food twice and a lot of crap).  I am also going to pick up a Weight Watchers cookbook and see if I can find some good stuff in there to cook so that I don't eat so much cheese (mmmmmm...cheese!).

My other goal this week is to write at least one GOOD post where I am not just bitching about what a miserable fat ass I am. 

For now though, just watch this.  If all dessert looked like these, I would have no problem avoiding it.


  1. oh my god, you're right. i wouldn't eat that.

  2. Secret plan for dropping 20 lbs fast that is not dangerous... cut out wheat, corn, sugar, caffeine, soy and dairy. No limits on veggies and fruits. Lean meats... think chicken and fish mostly. Brown rice... yum! You will surprise yourself at how easy it becomes after 3 weeks. For those first three weeks you will alternate between feeling awesome and pissed off. After three weeks, you will just feel awesome. At the end of the month, you will not really want to start eating crap again. Over time, the crap usually does creep back in... It is hardcore but sometimes that "cold turkey" plan as a jump start can be easier.

    And walking... good! What about a bike? Just moving more than you usually do is a fantastic start :)

  3. OH MY GOD. I would never have the energy to try that. The one thing I refuse to give up is my coffee. I don't smoke or drink more than rarely so coffee is my one allowance.

    Maybe when the new antidepressants kick in I will feel differently. :-)

  4. OMG, I couldn't get past the first visual of what the cupcake would look like. WOW. That's all I can say.

  5. Yep, you are very right. I would never eat that. At least i hope i wouldn't, but if i need'll never know ha ha.
    Anyway, nice to see someone else trying aswell!!! And sure, i'll be happy linking up with you, but my weigh-in is on sundays.

  6. How tall are you? I started my fitness thing again this week, too. I can barely move and I've only worked out twice and been on the treadmill twice. Here's to hoping we can last to see some results! Good luck chic!

  7. sometimes when starting an exercise regimen and eating right and all that healthy crap that people who are overly motivated with too much time on their hands do...

    Its common to go up in some weight as the muscle tone improves and all that sciency stuff I used to know about. So don't be too discouraged. short of boot camp style deathercise along with a million gallons of water you need to consume just to survive, the average person is not going to start dropping pounds immediately. That takes the kind of sacrifice people like Richard Simmons only dare try.

    -Mookie (also known as that one guy on your blogroll)


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