Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blogger is an asshole

To my blogger friends who use Blogger:

I want to comment on your posts.  I go there and I read them and laugh and think of the perfect comment...then I can't comment.

Basically, Blogger doesn't recognize me (even when I try to comment on my own blog) and so it asks me to log in.  When I try to do that I get an error message.

Now, I know it isn't my computer because I recently got a NEW laptop and it is still doing it.  And I also know that some of you are wondering why you have 0 or very few comments.  Well, this is why.

The only way I can post comments is if the blog allows anonymous comments and allows me to put in my name/URL instead of requiring me to log in.

Go fix that shit girls.  Then go look at my post about how sucking is awesome because I tried to notify all the people I gave it to that I gave it to them but basically all but 2 were Blogger blogs that wouldn't allow me to comment.

Blogger is a whore.



  1. I do not have this problem. This sucks for you! I'm sorry! WTF is going on? Sorry to not be helpful!

  2. I have the same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I had the same problem and did some google research and yes there is a bug with blogger.

    This will happen when you sign into your blogger/gmail account and check off the 'Keep me signed in' box. If you log out, log back in and make sure it's *not* checked off, you will be able to comment again :)

    Lame, I know. But at least I can comment now!!!

  4. Faery Chaos: You are brilliant! That worked.

  5. i didn't know that to comment on certain blogs, you have to click on the post title, like this one. but how are people supposed to just know that?! stupid blogger.

  6. Well blogger is just completely shite at times. I still like it though cuz you can do so much design-wise and change it around as you like it. Never heard anyone having issues with commenting b4 though.

  7. I've had that happen to me before, pain in the ass. The only thing that ever works is to clean out all of my cookies & reboot then its still tempramental at best so some days it works & other days not so much. Pretty much why I always read but comment infrequently these days :-(

  8. Okay so since my return to the interweb, nevermind reading this awesome blog, I have commented twice as anonymous, just signing my name at the bottom, before reading this post (yes blogger is a whore and an asshole at that), and the commented solution. Pretty sure I just fell in love with Faery Chaos for doing al the legwork so I could fix this problem!


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