Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Throwing fits like an asshole.

I am the Mommy.  I am in charge.  I do not put up with the kid's tantrums.  I will send her little ass to bed.  But I seriously DREAD having to tell her to do anything because I just don't want the fight.  And that little asshole totally knows it. 

Everyone tells me that if I am firm and don't react too much to it, it will stop but since I became determined not to yell and scream and freak out at her, the anger is just building and I fear that I am going to slap her.  She is such a little bitch sometimes.

Tonight I made Daddy deal with it.


  1. Dont worry, it only gets more fun!!! Wait til your kid displays a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor to the point hwere you really have to think about whether or not they were making a point or mocking you.

    From a single dad of 2 boys

  2. Hahahaha. I'm waiting for the day when she decides she simply hates me and wants me "out of her life" so that I can stop having to buy her shit. ;-)

  3. My daughter ( 9 years old) makes me want to jump in my car and head anywhere with a bottle of tequilla and a corner to skulk in. She is my oldest. I have 2 younger ones who are a real blessing fortunately. SHe is really the only kid who can make my perfectly wonderful day tank into the crapper in 0-16 seconds and mostly because of her tantrums and mouthing off.SHe reminds me of my ex husband so much sometimes that It s like i never left. Goddess help me. I feel for your sentiments. sometimes I think, If any other person on the planet spoke to me the way my daughter does I would bitch slap them into the next epoch. yet all I can do is walk away as far a way from her as I can get and see if it is too early for a glass of wine.


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