Sunday, January 16, 2011

I know nothing about children

Seriously.  I am an idiot when it comes to small humans.  I had no younger siblings, I didn't do a whole lot of babysitting as a teenager, and I was never one of those people who just LOVED children.  It was actually quite a surprise to me that I would even have one.

The other night, we all went out to eat and Lila was complaining that her "mouth hurt".  It's a pretty vague complaint and since she just sat there and whined and refused to eat and also refused to elaborate in any way about exactly WHAT hurt, I just ignored her and kept telling her to eat her (Goddamned) dinner.  We got home and she was tired and miserable so I gave her some Tylenol and put her to bed.  She was up all night being miserable and crying.  She threw up once and I thought, "Maybe she has a stomach bug."  I slept with her and let her kick and nudge me all night.  Neither of us got much sleep which sucks because I am battling my own sinus infection that just will not go away.

First thing in the morning, I decided to give her a bath.  She was fevery and refused to eat breakfast or take Tylenol and I truthfully just wanted her to stop whining for a few minutes.  When I got her shirt off, I realized that she was BRIGHT RED.  Seriously.  Her whole torso, front and back looked like she spent 3 hours out in the sun.  It was JUST her torso and the back of her neck and I thought it felt warm so I figured it must just be from the fever.  After a 20 minute bath (where she informed me that she felt MUCH better) the redness didnt even begin to subside, even though her skin was no longer hot. 

Her back was like the middle one, her
front was like the one on the right..
and bumpy-ish.

I dried her off and thought, "wow.  Her skin sure is dry.  I better put some lotion on it."  A few minutes later, she was crying and miserable again and still refused to eat anything. I started to think that MAYBE the bright red skin and the sore throat might be somehow connected so I called the doctor requesting a call back just to ask about it. 

When the nurse called me back, I told her about the lack of appetite, the fever, the "mouth hurting" and the fact that she was bright red.  The nurse asked if her skin felt scaly or sandpapery and I said, "why yes..but it's just dry."  She told me to bring Lila in right away...she probably has Scarlet Fever and a Strep Infection. 

I was suddenly the worst mother on Earth.  Lila has a STREP INFECTION and STREP THROAT and I was just writing it off as "not feeling good."

Part of this I chalk up to my lack of knowledge of childrens' illnesses, and part of it I assume is because although I am a hypochondriac, rationally I know that most of the time it's nothing.  But what I really blame this oversight on is the fact that I have no health insurance.  When you don't have insurance, there are only two options.  Either you go to the terrifying health clinics that are located in the worst parts of town or you wait until you are near death to make a doctors appointment.  On a Saturday, when the clinics aren't open, you tend to do the latter.  And you rationalize this decision by telling  yourself, "I'm sure it's nothing".

You will be happy to know that LITERALLY 24 hours after starting her antibiotics, Lila is acting like nothing ever happened.  She is eating and playing and tellling me "I don't feel sick anymore today."  Later on, I am going to take her for ice cream.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, my mom once let me drift in and out of consiousness for 8 hours before finally taking my delerious whining seriously. When she took me to the hospital, the doctors looked at her like she was a monster-- my left arm was broken in 4 places.

    She felt terrible, because she had just been going on the prior truth that I am a big baby.


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