Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Imagine a woman driving on the highway in her 2003 Royal Blue Toyota Camry. She has dark shoulder length hair that is pushed back with a peach-patterned cloth headband. She wears black sweatpants an a gray tee shirt that depicts a rocking chair and underneath it is printed "I Rock".

She gets off the highway heading to a suburban strip mall and just then the baby that is strapped into the car seat facing backwards in the back seat starts to fuss. She looks into her rear view mirror to see the baby view mirror to see what the baby is fussing about. She decided it's nothing serious and hits the button on her stereo for a different FM station. She kind of zones out then, looking for the sign to her destination. She is singing along to the radio. She sings because it calms the baby since the baby cannot see her but she is obviously there.

She turns into a parking lot for a Target store. She is singing along to REO Speedwagon's "Can't Fight this Feeling." She sees herself in the rear view mirror and seriously contemplates killing herself. She has no idea how she became this person that she would have made fun of a year ago. And yet here she is.

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