Thursday, March 20, 2008

Conclusive evidence that I should not be left alone with a kid all day.

Lila woke up extra early today for no reason at all. She was just finished sleeping. Ben got up with her and fed her and she seemed perfectly happy playing with her little baby toys until Ben left. Then she got "fussy".

She didn't want her solid food breakfast because Ben gave her a bottle. She didn't want to sit with me. She didn't want to be put down in her jumper or her swing or on the floor. She was rubbing her eyes so I tried to get her to sleep. But as I rocked her and she just kept whining and trying to stretch out in my arms with her eyes clenched shut, it was obvious that she wasn't going to go to sleep with my help. So I put her in her crib to cry herself to sleep.

This is not a method that I typically support and I reasoned that if she was still crying after 10 minutes I would try again to rock her. But she wasn't. And for all intents and purposes, this was a good nap. One of the best ones EVER. She slept for almost 2 hours when I decided that I needed to go check on her because usually after 30 minutes she was up yelling and this had been 4 times that.

Lila had puked all over herself. And I mean ALL OVER HERSELF. It was all down the front of her (she cant sit herself up so I have no idea how that happened) she had rolled around in it. It was at both ends of the crib. It was everywhere!

And here's the thing, not only was she not really crying all that hard or that much, but she slept really well! I had to wake her up (much to her disagreement) to put her into the bath and she was fine once she got her bearings and realized she was awake. She has actually been really super mellow and happy today.

And yet, I let my kid sleep for 2 hours in her own vomit. And it smelled too! And yesterday was such a good day...

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  1. I just read your blogs and you are right inside my head, this is how I think too... but what to do? It doesn't get easier.


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