Saturday, August 6, 2011

Further Laments on Cleaning

Didn't I JUST scrub the bathtub with bleach like 3 days ago?  How in the name of sweet Baby Jesus could it possibly be this filthy again?  What the hell is my kid rolling in that could possibly make her THAT dirty?  I just don't get it.

I effin' hate cleaning the bathtub. On the list of housework (most of which I hate) I rate this one WAAAY at the top of my list of "things I avoid doing until I cannot stand the sight of the filth anymore" and even then I usually try to pawn it off on the Guy (not that he does as good a job as I do ;-).

Lila takes a bath every night because I refuse to have a smelly kid (and believe me, many of them DO smell).  Most days she spends at my mother's house where she either stays inside and paints all day or she plays in a neat, grassy, well-tended yard.  There are no piles of dirt there (that I know of), nor are there any mud puddles or dust boxes or other containers filled with dirt for her to roll around in.  And when she's home, well, I usually know what she is getting into. 

So WHY do I find that after just 3 days I am needing to get out the bleach-infused bathroom cleaning product and get on my hands and knees with the special rubber gloves to scrub the hell out of the bathtub again?  Seriously.  Did I mention that I have no neurosis that makes me NEED a spotless bathtub - it's just f**king FILTHY again!

It's not like I always let my kid walk around like this:

This is just for special occasions

I think I am going to take a second job so that I can afford a maid.


  1. I have a second job and I can't afford a maid.

  2. maybe your soap is encouraging soap scum build up? i personally clean my tub every day. because tubs are gross. as are sinks.

    there are soap free 'soaps' out there. get ahold of them and see how that goes?

  3. I want to note that I am SURE it is from my filthy kid. And that the tub gets generally wiped down every night before she takes a bath. I am talking here about the full-on stained dirt ring and path of draining water that I have never seen when it was just me taking a shower. I just don't understand how chidren get so fucking dirty!

  4. Was looking for your post on your weightloss. How has this week been treating you?? I just posted mine on my blog :)

  5. I use this brand of cleaner called Scrubbing Bubbles. Just spray it all over something that needs cleaning and wait a few minutes and a lot of the gunk just comes right off.


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