Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why you spell things in front of little ones.

Lila is a blabbermouth. She isn't 2 yet and she counts to 20 and pretty much repeats everything she hears. You'll appreciate this...

I have the book "Worse than Watergate" which has a nice photo of Bush and Cheney on the cover. Like 6 months ago, Lila pointed to it and said "whats that" and I said "Douchebags". She walked around saying douchebags for like 10 minutes then dropped it. I learned not to say that again.

Well, like last week she pulls the book off the shelf and gets all excited and yells "DOUCHEBAG BOOK!!!!"
Sometimes I am so proud of her.


  1. Why have I not been paying more attention to your blog? This is awesome.

  2. Douchebags! Hilarious! (Not to mention true).

  3. I am so with you on the motherhood sucking especially i can't stand it. Summers home with 2 boys, who thought that was a good idea?? it's pure torture. Thanks for your refreshing posts, I know I'm not alone.


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