Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Water Trauma and Other Signs of Insantiy.

There is a new fantastic way I have found to completely traumatize my kid.  I found it by accident, since I NEVER would have seen it as something that would create such an overblown and emotional reaction and I really try not to do it but she is traumatized by it at least a few times every day. 

Every time Lila washes her hands, she ends up coming out of the bathroom having suffered what sort of resembles a total nervous breakdown.  If we don't dry her hands enough, she will cry and shed actual real tears because she says her sleeves are wet.  Apparently she also has super human ability to detect moisture because I almost never feel anything remotely wet and don't really understand why this is so upsetting to her suddenly.

This is a kid who would pull a chair up to the kitchen sink at her grandma's house and come away looking like she was thrown in a pool.  She never wiped her own hands and used to think it was hilarious to run up to me with her wet hands and get her hand prints on me. 

Tonight before dinner, her father went in to "help her" wash her hands (because suddenly she is afraid to do it herself) and she got a DROP of water on her shirt.  She cried and cried and cried and cried.  She cried like someone ran over her puppy, it was so pathetic.  She cried some more, and when I asked her to show me where the water got, she couldn't.  Because her tears had gotten her shirt ALL wet.  Needless to say, we had to change that shirt.

Is this something kids go through or is this just another obvious sign that my kid is going to be insane?


  1. I did that when I was 4. I remember hating long sleeve shirts because they would get wet and never dry, then it would irritate my wrists while I was coloring. I even remember the shirts I hated most.

    I think kids just have more sensitive skin. Answer: short sleeve shirts.


  2. blame it on a new level of awareness. where before she didnt notice wet clothes=gross feeling, her world and perceptions have broadened [did i spell that right?]

    i always took my kids 'meltdown trigger' seriously and tried to prevent issues, just to save my own sanity. it helps them too.

  3. Oh man. Kids and their quirks. I wonder what crazy ass shit my son's gonna pull when he's Lila's age.

    Can you get her to roll up her sleeves first?

  4. Oh, the sleeves ARE rolled up. If my hands are even mildly DAMP when I attempt to pull them down (because about half the time she can't get them and freaks out) she accuses me of getting her sleeves wet. And I also can't get her to understand that if she keeps her hands down rather than lifting them up, the water won't roll down her arms...Pain in the Ass.

  5. LOL. Do you ever peek around the corners in your house looking for Ashton Kutcher because you're just CONVINCED you're being Punk'd?

    Cuz sometimes I do. :)

  6. oh my gosh, toddlers are ridiculous. my 2 year old is a major drama king. i would try to learn his triggers, but unfortunately the triggers kind of change from week to week. last week, he would freak out every time he put his arm through a sleeve because he couldn't see his hands. he'd start screaming like the sleeve had eaten them up. i've learned to roll my eyes and just laugh at the absurdity. i think all toddlers go through this in some way or another. it's just their way of trying to make sense of a world that is out of their control.

  7. My two year old son is just like that. The kid will go roll in the mud like a little pig, but God forbid he get his hands dirty. He will scream his fat little face off until Dad or I come to the rescue.
    Toddlers can be such a PITA. But we love them anyway.

  8. I WISH I were being Punk'd. At least then it would be kind of funny...

    And although IN THEORY I know it's all about them trying to make sense of things, I am also quite convinced that they also come pre-programmed to push us to the edge of sanity, just to let us know how far that edge can stretch.

    And Carri...I posted on your Sunday link up thingy. AND I am adding a link. Thanks!


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