Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mr. Sunday Night Special

Do you know this man?
My kid does.  OH YES, she does.

This is Tom Bergeron.  You may know him from Dancing with the Stars.  But this is not where we know "The Berge" from. 

Lila is obsessed with Tom Bergeron.  Every Sunday around 4 pm, she gets all ornery and starts demanding we eat dinner right away so that she can have her bath and be ready in time for what she calls, "The Berge".  You see, there was a time not so long ago, when we had the DVR and we could watch old episodes of what Lila calls "America's Homiest Funniest Homiest Videos" whenever it struck her fancy.  Several months ago, however, we gave up the cable TV, so now we only get to watch The Berge and "people getting hurt" (her other name for the show) when it is airs on ABC at 7:00 on Sundays.

I am personally kind of shocked that AFV is still on TV.  I mean, with all the viral videos that are all over the interwebs and all...but that show continues to delight my kid no matter how many kittens she sees swinging from ceiling fans; no matter how many douchbags catch a railing to the balls; no matter how many grandmas miss their chairs and plop down on their Depends.  It just does not get old for her.

On a related note, some of you are by now aware of my crush on Bob Sagat.  I love Bob Sagat because many people see him simply as the fun-loving dad on Full House or the once goofy commentator/host of AFV (in the days BEFORE The Berge).  But if you have ever seen his comedy routine or read the tabloids, you know that he is the filthiest, foul-mouthed, weird, creepy, older guy to ever spend months hanging around the Playboy mansion.  And I LOVE that about him!

Lila DOES NOT share my enthusiasm for Bob Sagat.  In fact, not too long ago, we watched a 20th (or 15th or 25th I am really not sure what it was) Anniversary show and The Berge was joined by my horndog crush Mr. Sagat.  Immediately, Lila's face soured the minute she spotted him. 

"WHO IS THAT GUY???"  She spit out at me. 

"That's Bob Sagat," I told her.  "He's really funny.  Mommy really likes him.  It is going to be an AWESOME AFV with this guy on!" 

She wasn't even remotely seeing it.  "I DO NOT like Tom Begeron's friend!"

I wondered how my other weird crushes would fare in her opinion.  Would she appreciate Joe Biden's hair style?  Would she accuse Louis CK of being a filthy ginger? It's a good thing I am OVER Stephen Colbert because I am sure she wouldn't appreciate his tone.

So tonight (actually in about ten minutes) just like mostly ever other Sunday evening will be spent with The Berge, along with Lila, Ben and our cat, The Asshole.  If I'm really lucky we will have a few laughs and some nice quiet time eating popcorn and being one big happy not-so-funny family.


  1. OMG. So funny. As I was reading the first part of this post I was thinking to myself "She should be thankful her daughter isn't all into Bob Sagat, cuz that guy is such a twisted perv!" And then I got to the part about you and Bob Sagat and then, well, obviously. LOL

    I remember the first time I saw one of his stand-up routines. I was like "O.M.G. But that's Bob Sagat! As in, the dude from Full House! As in, AFV!!! WTF???" And I had to turn it off before the cognitive dissonance made my brain explode.

  2. Hahahahahahaha! I LOVE it! He's the best!

  3. I grew up watching Bob Sagat on Full House back when ABC ran its TGIF sitcom block. I always thought he was the cheesiest dork. Then later on I discovered his comedic side... I had newfound respect for Mr Sagat at that point. As for him being the creepy old dude... I wonder if he still goes and frequents danceclubs just to stare at all the way younger chicks and literally be "that creepy old dude"?

  4. This is hilarious! You did forget to say that Bob Sagat is the voice of older Ted on How I Met Your Mother.... just sayin :)


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