Monday, March 28, 2011

Being kind to myself does not suck.

So I wrote and submitted a piece to Band Back Together (one of my favorite sites to stalk and contribute things to...sometimes anonymously) and they chose this one to post. 

OK. So the BB2G World Tour theme for March is “Be Kind to Yourself.” And there are about a thousand things I can think to do that would be nice to do for myself. I could book a massage or buy some new music or get my hair and nails done. Those things are ways of physically pampering myself, but I don’t know that they’re my definition of “kindness.”

To be kind, I have to stop being an asshole to myself.
I bet you want to know how I intend to do that, huh?  Well, go here.

For any of you who are not in the process of MAKING 2011 YOUR BITCH, I recommend you go see how.

Band Back Together - Making 2011 My Bitch


  1. Absolutely loved it! When we finally say "I'm happy with who I am and I don't care what others think", we truly can begin to live again. Been there, done that, and constantly live the affirmation. And it feels great!!

  2. That was fantastic. I struggle with the same stuff, the house is never clean enough, I'm a crappy mom, blah blah blah. I also hear those tapes running in my head "you suck, what made you think this would be any different, nobody likes you, etc" and I have to tell them to shut the fuck up on almost a daily basis. I'm glad you put this out there, today I feel normal!


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