Sunday, February 6, 2011

I hate winter

I think my kid would be a whole lot more managable if I was willing to get her all dressed up and go outside and play with her in the snow.  But I fucking hate the snow.  And the only thing I hate more than being outside in the snow is coming in and having miniature puddles of melted snow all over the house.  I don't even bother to buy myself hats or gloves or the kind of boots that are useful in actual deep snow.  Because I never have any intention of being outside in it for more than the amount of time it takes to get from the house to the car.

But every now and then I am forced to participate in snow-loving antics by Ben, who insists we do "family things" together.



  1. For someone who doesn't like the snow, you sure do look like you're having a good time : )

  2. They drag me along and I play nice for Lila. After about 10 minutes, I went and sat in the car and napped.


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